Quality Leader in Contract Supplement Manufacturing

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Our expert scientists use the most advanced methods to ensure the identity, purity, quality and consistency of your nutritional supplements & vita..


Certified (GMP, NPA, NSF, QAI) Nutritional Dietary Supplement

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Paragon Laboratories is a Certified (GMP, NPA, NSF and QAI) contract manufacturer and packager of nutritional and dietary supplements.


Nutritional and Vitamin Supplement Formulation, Testing

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Paragon Laboratories delivers thousands of unique nutritional formulas and vitamins; we do everything from order placement to delivering to the custom..


Dietary Supplement Packaging, Tablet and Capsule Packaging Torrance

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Paragon Laboratories has broad supplement packaging capabilities and provides blister pack packaging, pouches packaging, stick packaging and more.


Dietary Supplement and Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer Torrance

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We have over 40 years experience in formulating, manufacturing and packaging all types of dietary supplements like vitamins, nutraceuticals and more.


Protein Powder Manufacturing| Powder Formulations and Packaging

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Paragon Laboratories manufactures a wide array of powdered formulas including herbal drink mixes, flavored vitamin and mineral blends and protein powd..


GMP NSF Certified Sports Nutritional Manufacturers Torrance

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Paragon Laboratories is a GMP NSF certified sports nutritional and dietary supplement contract manufacturer and packager of sports nutrition supplemen..


Private Label Vitamin, Minerals & Botanical Supplement Manufacture..

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We use the highest quality raw materials & exacting formulations to give potent, high quality vitamin & mineral supplements.


Tablets, Capsules, Powder and Herbal Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

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Paragon Laboratories manufacturer a wide range of tablets, capsules, protein powders, vitamins, minerals and herbal dietary supplements.


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